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Structural Inspections

Building Inspection Engineers have the certification and years of experience to understand how a structure ages and when there is a potential issue. Not only will we inspect a home or retaining wall, but we have the ability to design a solution when an issue occurs.

Your inspection project might be part of a real estate transaction or maybe it’s a more unconventional structure like a fire escape. Regardless, Building Inspection Engineers understand the importance of a thorough job and a quick turnaround time. Click the link below for a free quote.

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Foundations are the most important part of a home. Cracks in the foundation, water leakage, or shifting can cause major headaches. We’ll inspect your foundation for any current or future problems.

Water Infiltration

When water gets into a home, you have an issue. Let us put your mind at ease by investigating the foundation, roof, and other areas of your home for water infiltration.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls play an important part in construction projects and landscapes. We not only inspect retaining walls and identify issues, but we also have the ability to correct those problems through project design.

Fire Escapes

Fire escapes are one of the more unconventional structures that Building Inspection Engineers inspect. We are up-to-date on all the safety codes and regulations.

Benefits of Our Service
  • After an inspection, we put the results in the clearest and simplest terms. We explain technical information in a way you will understand.
  • We understand the need to move quickly when dealing with real estate transactions. Our inspections are both thorough and timely.
  • Building Inspection Engineers don’t stop at inspections. We can work with you to figure out the best solution moving forward.

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