Project Design

Project Design

If you are remodeling, adding a deck, a new garage, or adding a retaining wall and pool, we can help with the detailed drawings required to obtain your construction permit. We have assisted literally hundreds of homeowners in the Tri-State Area to improve the value and use of their property through new construction. All drawings are completed electronically with CAD software, and can be revised as needed for changes and revisions during the course of construction. All drawings are reviewed and stamped by a Licensed Professional Engineer, a requirement of most every local building department.

For all your project design needs, Building Inspection Engineers has the practical and technical knowledge to get the job done. Request a free quote below.

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How Can We Help?


With over thirty years of experience and after completing countless remodels, we guarantee your project will be on time and hassle-free.


We’ll consult with you to create an addition that works seamlessly with your existing home or structure.

Column Relocation

Whether you want to move a column for aesthetics or for structural integrity, we’ll help you relocate it to maintain your home’s style and security.

Retaining Walls

Soil retention is an important part of any landscape or construction project. We design retaining walls to be functional and secure while also fitting with your landscape design.

Benefits of Our Service
  • Building Inspection Engineers are licensed Civil and Structural Engineers in Ohio and Kentucky. We are professionals who seek the simplest, most cost-effective solutions.
  • With over thirty years of experience, we’ve seen it all. We know how to design projects and maintain flexibility if an issue arises.
  • We consult with you from step one and communicate openly and often.

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