Forensic Engineer

When there’s structural failure, you need experts to figure out what went wrong, and, more importantly, how to fix it. We can help.

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Project Design

With licensed Civil and Structural Engineers in both Ohio and Kentucky, we design residential and commercial projects of all sizes.

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Structural Engineer

We’ll give you peace of mind by thoroughly inspecting both commercial and residential structures. And we’ll put it in terms that you’ll understand.

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Benefits of Our Service
  • Knowledge and Practical Experience: We are licensed Civil and Structural Engineers in Ohio and Kentucky. Bill Turner, the owner of the company, also holds one of the few Building Inspection Engineer certifications in the United States. Beyond that, we have over 30 years of practical experience and have completed countless remodels. We know how buildings work on paper and in reality.
  • Simple Solutions: We always seek the simplest and most cost-effective solution. Building Inspection Engineers also explain complex construction problems in easy-to-understand solutions.
  • Timely: Whether we are inspecting a home, designing a project, or investigating an issue, we understand the need for efficiency. We do a thorough job while also keeping in mind the quick turnaround times needed for real estate transactions and litigations.

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